• Caroline

SIXTINE Book I / Chapter 8

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I am on a boat, sailing on a green river.

The sky above is a strange shade of black; stories in an alphabet I don’t understand, written in blue ink, appear in the firmament like constellations, and morph as we progress on the emerald current. Rays of light brush against my bare skin every now and then, as if there is a hole in the black veil. On the banks, giant centipedes slide into the water.

“We have arrived,” Anubis says.

The boat is still in the middle of the large river. I am about to ask where we are, but the water suddenly boils, and becomes a giant green eye. In an instant, dozens of figures surround us, looking down on our boat.

“Bow, my sister, before Osiris, Lord of the Underworld and just Judge of the Dead. Bow before the forty-two jurors.”

I stand in the centre of a vast cave in the middle of wherethe green river flows. The jurors are sitting in niches on the cliff face. The green eye is filling the void on the dark horizon.

I obey and bow, my gaze lowered.

A terrible and yet familiar scent awaken my senses. The shadows move to reveal a beast; a grotesque mixture of a crocodile, a hippopotamus, and a lion.

“Ammut will devour you if you do not tell the truth,” Anubis says.

I want to say that I am telling the truth, but I have no voice, yet the black dog understands me all the same.

“We shall see when we put your heart on the scales.”

And with these words, he plunges his claws into my ethereal chest.

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