• Caroline

SIXTINE Book I / Chapter 5

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

“Sixtine… Sixtine…”

Darkness again follows the dying of the green light. I am now certain that there is no light source coming and going. Light and darkness co-habit within the same four walls, as do the dead bodies with the murmuring shadows. They belong to different dimensions, different worlds, invisible to each other.

Yet I can see both worlds. I ignore which one I belong to, but something tells me I have joined the shadows. It is said that only a thin veil separates the beyond, to the reality of the living.

The veil has lifted.

I now understand why this cell has no exit.

It’s a tomb. My tomb.

This is neither a dream, nor a vision. I am dead, my body resting for eternity in this very real place, next to my husband. I am just a soul. Headed for a place unknown.

“Sixtine… Sixtine…”

The black void swarms and swirls and the terrifying shape emerges again. I recognize it only when it is close enough to touch me. A man as tall as the walls, with the head of a black dog. I saw him on the mummy casing.

He is the Egyptian god Anubis, the usher of souls into the afterlife.

The air in the room vanishes. I am everywhere and nowhere, and so is the dog-headed god leading me away. I try to struggle, to hang on to what is left of the world I know. I try to rush to my dead self on the floor, to Seth with the hole in his chest, but I no longer have a body to fight or flee.

Will I ever know what happened to us? Will I ever know what enemies condemned us to this excruciating torment, our unjust fate haunting me just as I become powerless? Will the murderers live their mortal lives unpunished, free to enjoy the transient, imperfect, beloved world, while I don’t? Or do truth and vengeance travel through the veil as well?

Will I ever exact revenge?

“Come, my sister,” the voice of Anubis whispers. It is soft and almost kind – yet it is not a plea, but an order.

As he invites my soul into a new kind of darkness, my tomb and the bodies bathed in green light fade from view. Just before they disappear, I notice something in the corner of the room. A gold object glistening weakly in the diminishing light. Its afterimage perishes last; soon there is nothing left of it. Did I really see this, or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Would a treasure so precious, cherished by all mankind, beyond races and cultures, be in the same world as my dead body, in my earthly tomb?

“Come, my sister. The tribunal is waiting.”

At the threshold between two worlds, I give in to the golden eyes of Anubis, and let go.

As I am about to depart, I remember one last thing.

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