• Caroline

SIXTINE Book I / Chapter 3

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The memory fades. Darkness returns. Shadows whisper.

“Sixtine… Sixtine…”

I can almost make out the silhouette in my dark cell, coming slowly towards me. Its shape is unlike anything I have seen before; the body is human but the head cannot be. What beasts does the emptiness hide? It comes closer, and another scream dies in my throat.

When the green light returns, its shape remains on the stone wall like an after-image. But I am no longer looking at it. Instead, all my senses are trying to make sense of another dark shape on the floor.

Another body. Dead, too.

I refuse to believe what I see and my breathing becomes painful, so I focus on details. The short dark hair. The thick neck. The bulky, muscular torso.

My prince. Seth.

Unlike mine, his eyes are closed. Unlike me, his fingernails are not broken, his skin still smooth. Like me, a huge black cross is tattooed on his stomach.

There is a dirty, bloody hole where his heart is supposed to be.

Grief fills every inch of me, washing away even the disbelief, the fear, the questions. But it recedes fast. I understand what I am seeing, and that recognition scorches everything left in me.

He was murdered.

Someone killed my prince, and killed me too. Why else would his chest be empty, and the flesh on my fingertips scraped raw?

I want to throw myself against him, hold him, bring him back to life. I want to scream out loud “Who did this to you?” I want to weep and vow to avenge him. But everything in this room seems to exist in a dimension different to the one I am in. I can only watch as if from behind invisible glass, powerless, ignorant, and haunted.

The green light vanishes, and with it the last trace of my slain prince.

As despair overwhelms me, another memory creeps into my consciousness.

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