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Roald Dahl Day

Mom Mission: Roald Dahl Day at school. A big success and lots o fails.

Last week, my son's school celebrated Roald Dahl Day, and the kids had to come to class dressed up as their favourite character. How amazing is that? I wish I'd gone to a school who celebrated Roald Dahl Day. I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory growing up (I read it in French) and would definitely had gone as Willy Wonka.

Oscar, however, chose... Mr Twit.

As his teacher said, he looked more like a dude who had just come from France and had forgotten to shave than actual Mr Twit. I must add the little details sown into the costume and the beard in a midnight sewing session didn't quite survive pre-class recess (read: Mom didn't make it boy-proof #momfail).

But Oscar made up for it with plenty of attitude, so it was a success!

The credit for the success of Roald Dahl Day also goes to the awesome librarians and crew of moms who pitched up on a rainy Thursday morning before work to arrange their baking creations and home-made decorations into a kids paradise.

Imagine being an 11-year old walking into this room, and being told that it's your lunch buffet...

My contribution to Roald Dahl Day? I blew balloons which kept popping (don't trust the yellow ones), fought awkwardly with a stapler and realized too late I had decorated pastries in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style when what we needed were Fantastic Mr Fox's Mashed Goose Liver Doughtnuts #momfail #again. Oh well. Will do better next year!

What's your favourite Roald Dahl character?

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