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Rebellion in Amsterdam

In August Oscar and I saw Banksy in Amsterdam.

What does one do with a 11-year old during a one-day layover in Amsterdam?

One goes to an art gallery.

No, not for an introduction to the old masters. But to dive into the universe of mad, bad and dangerous-to-know Banksy.

You might have heard of this British street artist (whose real identity is unknown) because last month, he pulled a trick worthy of the Joker in a very pretigious auction room, as one of his artworks was being sold for $1.4 million: he shredded it in real time, in front of stunned auctioneers. Personally, I thought it was genius, check it out below:

Spoiler alert: Oscar loved it.

Of course, the Banksy exhibition at the new Moco museum in Amsterdam was unauthorized (what else?), displaying artworks from private collections. What was quite extraordinary was the diversity of visitors in the long queue, his (assuming the artist is a he?) art resonates with people across genders, age and backgrounds.

Once inside the museum, it was too crowded and too hot and I didn't feel I got a deeper insight into the art itself... but for Oscar, it was an fun introduction to the many faces of contemporary art.

Seeing a Banksy exhibition at the Moco Museum was also a good excuse to explore Museumplein, the beautiful 19th century Museum Square home to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Sadly there was no time for a lenghty visit, it will be for another trip!

I'm already looking forward to coming back to this gorgeous city. If you have any tips or memories of Amsterdam, share in the comments!

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