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On the move

My notebooks and my cat are moving.

I'm moving to a new house! In a couple weeks, I will be saying goodbye to my flat facing the ocean, and saying hello to a house - with a proper home office - facing the mountain.

I will also be saying goodbye to the temporary offices where I wrote for the past three years: the kitchen table, a small desk in the bedroom, a bunch of hot desking places, the gym, a few borrowed meeting rooms and, for the past month or so, a very comfortable but very corporate-looking aquarium in a shared office.

So I packed my 20+ notebooks, my files, my drives and all the little things that I've been collecting over the years to decorate the office that I didn't yet have. (Included is my pass at fab writing retreat / writers conference in Edinburgh this summer - gotta frame it!)

Note that, this weekend, not everyone in my household was a productive packer. I won't name names.

There will be quite a lot of work to turn the room in the house I am moving to, into my writing den. The previous occupants wanted to turn it into an office but never got round to it, so currently, it is being pretty much used as a dump room. See for yourself...

So this would be the "BEFORE" photo. But fear not, it will be redecorated. In dark blue. Very dark blue. Can't wait for the "AFTER" photo. I will keep you posted...

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